I came to know about this book when I was attending the DGPLUG summer training 2019 it is one of the recommended books on how to get started with the Free/Open Source software community.

Author of this book is Shakthi Kannan. This book is published in 2014. This book has 119 pages and divided into 10 chapters. The book is geared towards students or any non-software person who wants to start his/her adventures to the free and open source software world. But, reading this will help anyone improve their communications and project handling skills. The author states that the main purpose is to bridge the gap between industry and academia.

I ordered this book last week and completed reading through this book during the weekend.


The book has 10 chapters.

  1. Mailing list guidelines
  2. Attention to detail
  3. Project Communication
  4. Project Guidelines
  5. Methodology of Work
  6. Tools
  7. Reading and Writing
  8. Art of Making presentations
  9. Sustenance

The first chapter is all about teaching how to communicate effectively over the mailing list. These include having a meaningful subject line, not to use SMS lingo. I also learned that we should not be using Capital letters when emphasizing some text. Other things that we need to take care is not to do top posting and avoiding using HTML in the messages. Unfortunately, all of the major email service providers by default do top post and use HTML.

My thoughts

The book has taken a real practical approach. The book is a result of all the experience of the author has while helping and mentoring students for over a decade. This book has small chapters and the use of quotes has made the reading very interesting.

Link to the website: http://www.shakthimaan.com/what-to-do.html

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