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I am Sourav from Kolkata, India. I am Developer, Devops and Designer. I am an IT engineer by education. I currently work on designing and developing distributed systems. My area of interest is Cloud computing and web design & development.

I got my first computer at age of 13. From the year 2012 I got into programming. I started with C language for a year I concentrated mostly on it. Though at times I got to know python and perl. In 2013 I got exposure to Java for the first time and it was cool. I did three projects with it. On the year 2014 I got exposure to Ruby on Rails it was a magical experience. In 2015 I did my internship on Ruby on Rails. In 2016 In my final year project I implemented Random Forest Classifier.

From 2016 to 2017 I worked as a freelancer and since 2017 I am working as DevOps. I have worked on number of projects which includes migrating application to newer operating system, moving from classic VM based infrastructure to AWS and developing and maintaing simple applications.

In my free time I like to learn new technologies and algorithms. I am currently trying to learn basic and advanced data structures and algorithms. I am also in the process of learning Go langauage. I have built this website from scratch using Go without any frameworks my main objective is to learn the details of web development. Through this website I also hope to document my learning process which may help other people.

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