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I am Sourav from Kolkata, India. I am developer and Devops. By education I am an IT engineer. In my free time I like to make new things and think of new ideas to make the world a better place.

I got my first computer in 2009 though I did not do much with it except for web browsing and playing games. In the year 2011, I got introduced to GNU/Linux and got to know the free software philosophy, after that I never looked back. Ubuntu and Fedora became my primary OS.

From the year 2012 I got into programming. I started with C language. for a year I concentrated mostly on it. Though at times I got to know python and perl. It was 2013 when one of my seniors guided me to Java. I find it cool. I did two three projects. In April of 2014 I made a project with JSP, it was a simple banking application I took it to my mentor he said it was good. Later he asked me to try Ruby on Rails and that changed my direction. I got into Ruby and Rails and I did couple of projects with it. I have also learnt Golang.

My articles

Setting up basic minio on Fedora 28

Minio is Amazon S3 inspired Object storage that you can deploy to our private infrastructure. Note: This tutorial doesn’t work well with SELinux so we need to turn it off till I find a good solution

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ACID Property in databases

ACID stands for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability. It is a set of properties that guarantee validity of data in Database systems. In order to understand ACID we need to understand anot

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